The EnviroPower SystemsTM line of UPS equipment has been expertly designed to specifically provide reliable power supply requirements for remote power distribution control equipment such as: RTU, Radio and Switch Gear equipment in pole, pad or custom configurations.


  • based on the proven original EPS technology
  • 24Vdc, 4 or 7Ahr NiCad, optional lead acid
  • optional dual/redundant battery, double Ahr availability, hot swap for service
  • self protected aux power, 24-28Vdc-10A (short term), 24Vdc 1A,13Vdc isolated 2.5Adc - 2.5A
  • ground fault detection
  • cell sense technology
  • built in User Interface, display & function keypad, health status leds, buzzer
  • isolated RS485 (x2), RS232, USB ports
  • programmable location name, addressable site ID
  • com port for remote device
  • nonvolatile memory for settings
  • field upgradeable operating system
  • remote located discharge load resistor
  • modbus format protocol
  • existing EPS features, local & remote accessible
  • time stamp of all events
  • permanent log of all setting changes, alarm history, event counter
  • internal heating
  • automatic IPM web check for program updates


    EPSii Manual in PDF Format...

  • EPSii Firmware & IPM web update