The EnviroPower SystemsTM line of UPS equipment has been expertly designed to specifically provide reliable power supply requirements for remote power distribution control equipment such as: RTU, Radio and Switch Gear equipment in pole, pad or custom configurations.

Combined Control Devices: with EnviroPower SystemsTM there is no need for separate radio, RTU, SCADA and switch gear power supply.

Fully Micro Controlled: control all functions to ensure maximum reliability and power availability.

Status Updates: sensitive and critical battery charger information is always accurate and available with EnviroPower SystemsTM.

Increased Efficiency: EnviroPower SystemsTM remote access capabilities ensure maximum reliability with minimal attention.

Maximum Flexibility: all features are under software control.

Local Access: through a unique User InterFace or laptop PC. Last 64 event alarm history file available for local or remote recall.

Remote Access: EnviroPower SystemsTM is SCADA compatible for complete remote control and access. Optional I/O capabilities. (RS232, 485, 422, 20MA)

Reduced Travel Costs: virtually eliminates travel time associated with manually initiating battery maintenance cycles at remote sites.

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